Things have been very hectic through Christmas, we had sad moments and happy moments.

We lost our beautiful fur baby Piper, at 14 ½ years old.  She gave so much love, but she was so loved in return…  We miss her so much!

There is our Piper a week or so before she left us:

For the happy memories, we had a great Christmas with Julie and Jayson and my brother and sister, sister and brother in-law and nieces at Julie and Jayson’s new house.  Their new house is so beautiful, even more so in the winter.  Here is the whole family (except André, Karine’s boyfriend who was taking the photo):

Another happy memory: we were so lucky to have both our grandsons (with Mom and Dad of course) for Christmas dinner on the 30th!  They are so cute and interesting and we love them so very much.  Michael is 4 and Nicolas was one on December 27th.  Nicolas is so solid… He will be walking soon… Michael is our sweet little artist… He draws and colours so well – he’s taking after his Daddy and grandma (I’m Mamie…).

Here is our Nicolas:


And here is our Michael:

I think that Michael was very happy with his Christmas present.  The wrapping paper is flying….

My son Robert, my beautiful DIL Marissa and Michael and Nicolas (sorry for there squares…):

I didn’t have time for a lot of quilting lately, because I’m cleaning up the basement to make room for my new Longarm machine!!! I have ordered it and it should be arriving anytime now…. And the basement is not quite ready.. so what am I doing on the computer?  It is so hard for me to get rid of stuff  – and I have a log of stuff to get rid of. But I am so looking forward to working on the Longarm.  It will be a Dream come True.  But I need to hurry downstairs, so more on that later…

I did make a new fish for a workshop with my Guild.  I first took a workshop with Lyne Giles at the Byrds Nest Quilt Shop in Ormond Beach, FLA.  I loved it so much that I’ve been making more fishes and butterflies using the same technique.  They are fun and easy to do.

This is my original fish, made in 2016.  This is Phoebe the Fish:

This is my second fish:  Fiona the Fish.  I won a Second place ribbon with Fiona at the Courtepointe Québec – Harper Challenge 2016.

And this is my third fish.  She is Piper the fish.  As you can see, it is still pinned to the board, not quite finished.  I will show you again when it is done.

That’s all I have to share today… I will be back shortly with more quilting.

thanks for visiting my blog.  Merci de votre visite!