SU Club December gifts exchange

As I mentioned in my previous message, one of our SU monthly Club project for December was to do a homemade gift for the person’s whose name we picked. So many beautiful and creative projects! We should do this every month…. just kidding… I know how much work this was for everyone – especially at this busy time of the year!

I had picked Christine’s name. I made her an Origami box and I put my homemade fudge in it.
The paper is the same that I used for the Club project, it is a discountinued SU Christmas paper.

The is the gift that I received from Francine T. A beautiful had stamped porcelain ornament. So delicate and pretty!
Merci Francine!

Josée Ste-Marie’s gift. I think she gave to Francine P.

A beautiful matched box and card with homemade “turtles” inside. Everyone wanted to steel one!

A beautiful box made by Arlene for Francine T. Delicious chocolate balls inside. (Did you see the cute little tag?)

The box Josée A made for Josee Ste-M? containing homemade Chocolate covered pretzels and homemade fudge. Yummy ! and beautiful box too!

Susan made lots of pretty boxes for Amy (I think…) I think there were chocolates in there also!
Aren’t they all pretty!

Christine made a pretty personalized box for Susan. She put some goodies inside, but I can’t remember what it was….

Francine P. painted a pretty box and a silver spoon for Arlene. So original and pretty.
(We can tell Francine is an experienced “tole painter”. )

And last, but not least, Amy’s beautiful gift box to Josee A? silly me I should have written it down….
What a pretty Magnolia girl! I can’t remember what goodies she put inside!

I hope you enjoyed looking at those as much as we did giving and receiving them!

thanks for visiting my blog. Merci de votre visite!


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