Ranger / Tim Holtz CHA 2012

I had the pleasure of meeting Tim Holtz again at CHA last week.  He has such a great personality.  No wonder why he is so popular!

So here is a photo of the man himself…

Tim Holtz CHA 2012

 and do I dare post of photo of me and Tim Holtz!!! (It is a bit blurred, but I guess the lady holding  my camera wasn’t too steady… but oh well, better than nothing…).

Tim Holtz and me (Louise Charlton) CHA 2012

Here are a few photos of the Ranger booth at CHA:

These little spruce trees have been stained in the 48 colours of Ranger Distress inks.  What a rainbow!

These are Tim’s 12 days of Christmas tags:

There is so much to see in all the booths that after a while, it seems you can’t see anything… it is very overwhelming…
I’ll be back later with more photos from other booths!
Thanks for visiting my blog.  Merci de votre visite.

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