Julie Ebersole, Hero Arts Booth, CHA 2012

Here is another person I was so happy to meet for the first time!  The sweet and talented Julie Ebersole. She was doing the make-n-take for Hero Arts.  She is such a nice Lady!  I have been reading her blog regularly.  She has such a sense of humour and her video are so well made, always with that laugh of hers! She makes me laugh every time.

Even though I met her for the first time, she made me feel like a friend.

So here are a few photos of Julie, and a photo of Julie and me.

Julie Ebersole, Hero Arts booth, CHA 2012

Julie Ebersole and me, Hero Arts booth, CHA 2012

When I got behind the table to have my photo taken your Julie, I knocked out part of the booth wall down (oops….).  Julie and another sweetheart, Lisa Spangler struggled to put to booth back together… Sorry for the trouble Ladies….

Julie and Lisa trying to fix the Hero Arts Booth, CHA 2012

And here is another photo with the nice Sally, from Hero Arts.  I am missing Shari Carroll in the photo – she was busy and I didn’t have a chance to come back.  But I had a chance to chat with her.  Always such a pleasure meeting the Hero Arts Ladies!!!
Sally Traidman, Lisa Spangler and Julie Ebersole, Hero Arts, CHA 2012

And to finish, here are a few photos of the samples in the Hero Arts booth.


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                         Samples in the Hero Arts Booth, CHA 2012
That’s it for Hero Arts!
Thanks for visiting my blog!
Merci de votre visite.

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  • Anonymous

    Oh c’est tellement le fun de voire ça en avance.
    Merci Louise.
    Joy to the world avec les petits personnages du monde
    À première vue je pense que c’est le plus attirant..

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