Graphic 45 Christmas Door

When I was at CHA this summer, I fell in love with the Graphic 45 booth and papers. I think that if I wasn’t in classes, I was either in the Graphic 45 or the Kayser Craft booths studying their projects. Two of them were particularly special to me. I will share one of them with you now and the other one later on.

This first project is from Graphic 45. I took photos of the amazing creation. I don’t know who the creative artist is… So if you are or know who is, please let me know and I will give credit where credit is due. So, from the photos I took, I re-recreated the project as best as I could. It was so beautiful as is, so I didn’t change anything… except that I couldn’t find a door at an affordable prize (on the Net, doors were in the $20 range), so I made my own out of chipboard.

The papers are from the Graphic 45 Christmas Emporium collection. I just love this Santa. He is so peaceful looking and not scary at all like some other Santas… I also love the way the little children are looking in the window behind his shoulder.

I taught this project as a workshop at Bonnidée – if you are interested, I think that there is a waiting list for a repeat….

This is the left side of the box.
This is a view of the box from the top

The front of the project (there is a mini accordeon book behing the door)

The front of the project with the door open

A close-up of the door
The right end-side panel

Sorry about the poor quality of some of the pictures.  I will try to redo them.

Thanks for visiting my blog!  Merci de votre visite!

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