Florida is beautiful, but quite cold….

Here is what we saw during our walk yesterday..
(This is Jim, my hubby!)

Today is even colder, I didn’t go for a walk….

While I’m down here, I bought new stamps and paper and I’ve been making cards for Jennifer McGuire’s cards for kids drive. I read their story, it is heartbreaking…. One of the little boy has cancer, now his mother has cancer too, So she might not be with him during his treatments – sooo bad! (You can see the info on the card drive HERE).

Here are some of the cards that I made (I’m working on my crazy little mini computer, so everything takes forever….)

You can click on any of the cards to view bigger..

These are done with the little bit of supplies that I have here, so they are quite simple…

I’ll give details on them later….(I brought some of the images from home, stamped them in black and brought my Prismacolor crayons…..).

Thanks for visiting my blog… Merci de votre visite…


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