Back from Vacations

Just back from a glorious week in the Miata around the Gaspe Coast! What spectacular scenery! I have lots of beautiful photos to share…

While we were away, we lost Jim’s Mom… so I will not be able to post much this week either… We are bringing her back from Toronto to the Southshore here for her funeral and burial besides my father in law.

I’m so happy to I got to visit with her (very shortly) last May. Here’s Mom – one more Angel up there to look out for us; She was 92 years old! She will at last be reunited with her Bill that she loved so much…

I have lost so many people I love lately! Maman in March 06, Tante Madeleine in Sept. 06, Papa in Sept. 07 and now Mom.
Sometimes life is not so easy….

Please bear with me, I’ll be back with more cards and ideas next week!


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