Back from Convention

Just back from SU Convention and I had a blast! What an experience! and yes Jennifer, I have a ton of photos! The return trip was very tough (we got stranded in Chicago because of the storm – ended up in a hotel with no power… then our flights got delayed again and our luggage got lost…). Ended up coming back through Toronto in order to make it home yesterday! Got my suitcases this evening, so I’m sorting out my purchases and my new stamps!! It seems that my suitcase sat in the rain, so my nice paper and the DCWV paper pads that I bought are all damp. And my beautiful new Stamping up bag also (it has water stains) Those bags are gorgeous – everybody got one – and I got mine signed by Shelli. Had to wait in line for 2 hours to get a photo and her autograph, but it was worth it. The bags are brown, green and turquoise!

One of my wishes for convention was to meet a very talented lady, Patty Bennett, well guess what!

Such a sweet lady!!! Even nicer in person that on her blog!! I met her at the gala, so I couldn’t ask her to swap – but I kept a card until the end in case I saw her again, but no luck twice!

Anyway she is one talented lady and she has been chosen to sit on the SU Advisory Board! Good choice SU!!

I have lots of photos to share, but I’ll have to come back tomorrow. I’m a little upset tonight – my baby boy, Bobbie, left home tonight with his bed – so that’s it, he’s all moved out and won’t be sleeping at home anymore. He has his own home now and Jim and I are “empty Nesters” – I’m very sad…. Now I know how my Mom felt when I left…! Anyway, I wish him well and I hope that he is happy! He certainly is old enough – he’s 26 – but I was used to having him around. I certainly hope that he’ll keep in touch! I better stop – can’t type through my tears….

Back tomorrow! and Thanks for visiting my blog! Merci de votre visite!


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