A very sad day

Today is a very sad day. This morning my Phoebe, my 13-year old lab died in our arms.

We were the whole family together, Julie and Bobbie came to be with her when Jim and I saw that Phoebe was in distress – she was having difficulty breathing…
We were out on the deck, her favorite spot, the sun was shining on her and the birds were chirping. She left us slowly while we were talking softly to her and rubbing her beautiful soft ears. The best dog in the world died being the best dog in the world. She died peacefully with all of us there. Not last week while I was at CHA and not next week when Julie would have been alone with her while Jim and I go for a little holiday. She was the best dog in the world. I already miss you my Pheebes… Life will not be the same without you! Rest in peace my beautiful Phoebe and I am hoping that you are running the green fields of heaven without pain in your hips!
If you are reading this, think about us – this is not an easy time.
Here is my lovely Phoebe. It is hard to admit that she’s gone!


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