A third class

Another class for my local stamp store (Told you I was busy lately preparing classes…. And there’s more….).

This one is a scallop book for special Christmas Memories.

Email me if you are interested (louisecharlton@videotron.ca).

The 2 “puppies” in the photo on the right are Piper and Phoebe. I miss my Phoebe so much…. It is hard to believe how much room she took in my life… Thank goodness I have had to take care of Piper (she got injured in my back yard and had to have serious surgery on her leg. She had to be almost immobile for 8 weeks…. 2 more weeks to go. She is starting to feel better and is getting more difficult to control…. She wants to run, but her bone is not yet completely healed. So taking care of her makes me miss my Phoebe less)….

Thanks for visiting my blog. Merci de votre visite!


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